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Legal notice

Daissy Ornelas does not give any express or implied warranty, nor does it make any representation that the contents stated and presented in this website is complete, accurate, or up to date. Any changes, alteration, or deletion of contents included in this website may be made by Daissy Ornelas, in its sole discretion, without any requirement or obligation to give notice of the same. 
As such, the right to make amendments in any content resides in Daissy Ornelas alone. Such rights cannot be exercised, mitigated nor abrogated by other parties. Any purchase made through this website is on the “as is” basis.

Daissy Ornelas will not be held accountable for any damages arising from breach of contract or tort due to your misuse or delay in using this website, its contents, or otherwise. The brand cannot be held responsible for any untoward event or accident which is not within the reasonable control of the brand (such as force majeure and fortuitous events) nor for any consequential loss arising from the latter.

By providing us with your personal information and giving us your consent, you agree that Daissy Ornelas may use the same for the purpose of conducting appropriate anti-fraud checks. The same is necessary in order to protect the brand from any fraud or deceit which may be employed against its interest. To initiate the process of anti-fraud checks, personal information may be disclosed to a credit reference or fraud prevention agency. Such an agency may be allowed to maintain a record of the information given. This is in connection with Section 3 of our Privacy Policy.

At any time, Daissy Ornelas has the right to make necessary changes, alteration, or any modification in this legal notice. The brand will post the changes made on the website for your information. The use of the website after being given reasonable notice of the changes, alteration, or modification made shall be considered as an implied acceptance and agreement of the modified legal notice. As such, any transaction made after the posting of changes shall now be governed by the amended legal notice. However, the same will not affect any orders previously placed. In case you disagree with any alteration, changes, or modifications made, you must immediately cease using the website.

Privacy Policy

Daissy Ornelas takes the privacy of its clientele very seriously. We believe that the key to a lasting relationship lies with mutual trust. For that, strict measures are provided in order to protect all personal data collected from the clients. Rest assured that these data will only be used and processed for us to effectively and efficiently communicate with each other. 

To have a deeper understanding of how much we value your privacy, please refer to the Sections of this Privacy Policy. Outlined are the measures and practices employed by us to safeguard your information. Included as well are your rights as our valued customers.

  • The Company
    Daissy Ornelas is not connected with any other entity, brand, group, or company. The brand will not be liable for any information given to other third party websites not connected with the brand. All personal information required by necessary to process your orders is stored and processed by Daissy Ornelas alone. We will remain as your point of contact for any query about your transactions.

  • Information Collection
    Basically, what we ask from you are the following:
    ➢    First name
    ➢    Surname
    ➢    Title
    ➢    Gender
    ➢    Date of Birth
    ➢    Email Address
    ➢    Phone number/s
    ➢    Address
       Shipping Address
       Billing Address
    ➢    Financial information (credit or debit card details)
    ➢    Any other information you consider necessary to share with us to ensure our smooth transaction.

    The only information which is necessary for our transaction with you are gathered either personally when you visit our store or through our website, if you order online. If you wish to keep in contact with us, the email address you provide will be utilized for the delivery of newsletters and updates regarding our brand. We can also provide you with personalized online content for targeted advertising.  
    Personal information is also gathered in the process of sending us any feedback about our products or when you participate in our surveys. The same also applies when you get in touch with us to pose a question or report a problem in connection with our website, products, staff, or any other concern.

  • Use of Personal Data
    For performance of obligation:
                Your personal data is used to comply with all obligations arising from any contract executed and entered into by you and the brand. Data will be used to complete your orders and to process your payment.
                For the conduct of anti-fraud check:
                In order to protect the brand from any fraud or deceit which may be employed against its interest, personal information provided by the client may be used to conduct a necessary anti-fraud check. To carry out such a process, any personal information you provided may be disclosed to a credit reference or fraud prevention agency, which may retain a copy of that information.
                To address questions:
    The same is also used in order to address your questions about our products and services. Information requested by you shall be provided through the contact information given. The same contact information may also be utilized for the purpose of informing clients of any policy changes in our store or website.
    For marketing:
    If given consent, we will also keep you updated with relevant advertisements about our products and services. We will also make recommendations and suggestions to you about our new products which might interest you. Personalized advertising may also be employed in order to ensure that the content that will reach you are in line with what interests you.
    To inform us of your consent, we have provided boxes for you to check if you would like us to send you newsletters or updates either via text message, email, or phone call.
                Our Privacy Policy ensures that we will not share any information you provide us with to any other company, entity, or agency outside of Daissy Ornelas.

  • Basis for Data Processing
    The basis for data gathering is to enable us to perform our obligation as stipulated in our contract. As stated in Section 3, personal information will be used for processing of order and payment as well as to provide you with support services and for the implementation of our online marketing strategies.
                Data are also used to organize our database. Information stored in our database is used in order to analyze the purchases of our clients and infer logical conclusions therefrom to develop and adopt a proper strategy for production. Data may also be used as long as the brand has a legitimate and lawful interest.
                In order for you to give your consent for us to use and process the information they provide, a consent box is provided. If ever you will decide to change your mind about giving your consent, you may also reach out to us through the telephone number or email provided to let us know of your decision to completely withdraw your consent or make some necessary changes.

  • Protecting Data
    We protect your data by using only secured servers, which cannot be accessed by anyone other than our team of trusted employees. The storage of this information is protected by technical and organizational security measures to eliminate the risk of misuse, unauthorized access, alteration, cancellation, or loss of entries.
                Because transmission of information through the use of Internet posts risk, any transmission will be at your own risk. Though we know that you understand that no system is perfect, we want to ensure that our team has set up firewalls and data encryption, physical access control, and information access controls to ensure the safety of your information.

  • Duration of Data Storage
    For as long as we need to use your data, the same will be safely stored with us. However, we will erase your personal data once our transaction has ended or as soon as you revoke your consent.

  • Rights of the Client
    You have the right to access your data that is in our database. Proof of identity shall be required before we can release any personal data about you to ensure that the same will not fall into the hands of the wrong person. You can also reach out to us if you wish to rectify or delete any personal data you have earlier provided to us.
                Because our right to use your information stems from your given consent, you have the right to revoke the same anytime. If you do not want to entirely withdraw your consent, you can cite only specific data that you wish to be excluded. You can also choose to withdraw your subscription to our newsletters or online advertisements.
                We value your opinion and take it into account in order to improve our services. With that, if you have any complaints connected with how we handle your personal data, you can reach us at the telephone number or email address provided on our website. We are more than willing to address your concerns.
                If without our knowledge, a minor has provided us with their personal information, the parent or legal guardian of the latter are encouraged to get in touch with us through the contact information we have provided in order to make necessary changes or arrangements in connection with the personal information disclosed by the minor.

  • Changes in the Policy
    We will promptly inform you of any changes or amendments to this Privacy Policy. In case you have reservations about the changes we made, please let us know.
    If you do not agree to the amendment or changes, you may opt to stop using our website or cancel your account. Upon the cancellation of your account, you will no longer be bound by the new terms. Continued use of your account shall be taken as an implied assent to the new terms of this Privacy Policy.


The use of this Site owned by Daissy Ornelas, is subject to the following terms.

            The use of any content, including but not limited to trademarks, logos displayed, names, products, and services, in this Site are owned by Daissy Ornelas and are subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights. All contents which may be accessed in this Site may not be, whether in whole or in part, copied, published, modified, or transferred for commercial use. The use and access to the same may be permitted only for your own internal non-commercial use. No deletion or alteration, whether in whole or in part, of any content in this Site shall be allowed, nor can the contents be subject to misuse. Unauthorized access of the Site through hacking, password mining, or any other illicit way of obtaining access, which may lead to its damage or impairment, is strongly banned.

The use of any content herein for the purpose of committing or in aiding to commit an offense, such as spreading or sending viruses or corrupt data, as well as sending unsolicited advertisements, is also banned.

By acknowledging these Terms and Conditions, you expressly agree that you will not use this Site for purposes prohibited by the enumerations above. If found guilty of using this Site or any of its content for malicious and unlawful purposes or in violation of the prohibitions set herein, Daissy Ornelas has the right to terminate your access and use of this Site immediately, without the need of notice.


The purchase agreement may be withdrawn within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the item provided that the same is done in writing and citing the reason for such withdrawal. The written request for withdrawing the purchase may be sent to the email address provided on this website. The counting of the cancellation period shall commence from the date of delivery of the item/s. If there are multiple items purchased and they are delivered in separate days, the period shall start to run from the delivery of the last item. The goods are required to be returned to Daissy Ornelas store located at 500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, California 94158, within 14 calendar days reckoned from the time the written communication for cancellation was received by the brand. Daissy Ornelas will process all returns within 72 hours of receiving the returned items.

Please be reminded that your failure to inform us in writing of your decision to return purchased item/s or failure to return the same within the cancellation period will bar you from getting any refunds. Further, items already used/ worn, damaged, or if the tags have already been removed or if the item/s are returned without the shoebox, no refund will be given. However, if the item/s received were already damaged upon receipt, or if the same were received without tags, we ask that you contact us immediately.

After determining that you have complied with all the requirements to make a proper cancellation of purchase, the purchase price of the returned item/s will be credited to your account. This, however, excludes delivery charges.

A request for an exchange of item/s to a different color or style may also be accommodated depending on the availability of the product and provided that the same process for the cancellation of purchase is complied with.


The legal tender for purchases made will depend on the country where you are located or where the item/s are to be delivered. The determination of the foreign currency to be used to pay purchases shall be made through the viewing of your location and your IP address, as well as the shipping address provided by you in the customer information. If your currency is not one acceptable to the brand, the final price will depend on the exchange rate existing at the time and date item/s have been placed for the order. As our brand is located in San Francisco, California, any transaction placed outside the United States is considered as international. As such, you may be subjected to a bank fee, depending on your method of payment. Bank fees and other fees not connected with our transaction in non-refundable by Daissy Ornelas.

Promotion codes awarded to you cannot be used by another person, nor shall the same be transferred to a new order. The brand will not offer cash or store credit alternative in the event you failed to use your promotion codes. Conditions imposed upon the time of the issuance of the promotion codes relating to its use must be complied with. Any questions regarding the use of promotion codes may be directed to our email address or telephone number provided on this website.

            Daissy Ornelas is not obliged to issue any form of refund unless the cancellation of purchase or exchange of item/s to a different style or color is made in accordance with the requirements as stated in the Terms and Conditions. All requests for cancellation or exchange shall be evaluated depending on the surrounding circumstances of each case. Rest assured that the brand values fairness and transparency in connection with requests for cancellation, exchange of item/s and pricing.


Once your order has been placed, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address you have provided. This is to inform you that we were able to receive the details of your order. However, the receipt of a confirmation email does not mean that we have already accepted your order. A routine check regarding your payment or other shipping restrictions shall be conducted before the acceptance of your order. This is to ensure that we will be able to fulfill the obligations arising from our acceptance of your offer to buy as well as to protect the interest of our brand. Once the check has been made and your order is not canceled, you will again receive an email pertaining to the confirmation of the dispatch of your goods. You can track the status of your purchase on our website. While the item/s purchased are in transit, the risk of loss or damage passes to the customer. However, any damage existing prior to delivery is the responsibility of Daissy Ornelas.

All orders placed using the website are subject to the availability of the product style and color. Since our brand aims to provide exclusivity, only a limited number of designs are produced. Because of that, you are highly encouraged to pre-order the items that you wish to purchase for you to have priority of receiving the item/s. When placing a pre-order, you will be asked to make payments in advance. A pre-order of an item may be canceled only within 14 days from the time pre-order was made. Failure to cancel the same entitles Daissy Ornelas to receive the advance payment made by the customer. Cancellation of the pre-order shall undergo the same process and formalities as the cancellation request, as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

To ensure that the item/s you buy are for your own consumption and not for resale, the brand reserves the right to prohibit and restrict multiple purchases of the same style, made by the same customer or to be shipped to the same shipping address.